Your new home is waiting

Living in north Idaho is a dream to me and my family.  I would love to assist you in finding your dream home as well.  I am here to work for you and can be available at a moments notice because I know that that moment can mean a world of diffence in this hot market.  Call me anytime!

I have lived in north Idaho for 24 yrs and would not change it for the world.  What I bring to the table is abundant energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowldege.You can be assured that I will stay on top of all the details of the deal, negotiate with skill and provide a smooth and easy going transaction. 

One of the biggest decesions you will make financially is what home to purchase.  To find that perfect house, every homeowner needs a good real estate agent that will take the time to understand thier big picture and to eduacate them on the home buying process.  Explaining each step allong the way and what to anticipate next keep expectations realistic and lessens the unknowns.

With a backround in Staging and design, I'm here to assist you in promoting your listing effectively.  Your home will be at the forefront of buyers that are searching in you area.  Knowing what it takes to compete in a market driven by technology and online information is vital in selling a home.  It is what sets your home apart from the rest of the inventory.  I'll know where to find the buyer and bring them to your door!

"100% The best! Shows through in every aspect of her life. Shawna is always doing something to better everything around her."-Megan Koller